Pamela Bryars, MMT, CMT, NASM-CES

Myoskeletal Therapy

Myoskeletal Therapy effectively works with the musculoskeletal system and requires an integrative approach addressing the nervous, muscular and connective tissue systems simultaneously.

Hip torsion, crick necks, sacroiliac pain, forward head posture, functional scoliosis, flat feet, valgus knees are symptoms of an underlying problem. “Poor posture tells us the brain and body are not communicating well, but it is is not the main event. “ states Eric Dalton, Ph.D., FFP.

So how does Myoskeletal Therapy help restore and maintain good posture?

“MAT therapists use brain-based assessments to figure out where the client’s problems are and address them at their core. Training in MAT allows practitioners to gain basic knowledge of spinal biomechanics and joint neurology for a better understanding of protection muscle guarding. And training includes brain-based corrective exercises, hormone activating techniques and neuromobilization maneuvers, as well as the latest concepts in pain science.”

And, restoring alignment and function also helps to release the "feel good" hormones ... Dopamine, Seratonin, Endorphins and Oxytocin thereby contributing to less anxiety and stress, improved sleep, and ease of movement.

The overall focus of Orthopedic and Sports Massage therefore, is to restore postural alignment to help you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, improve athletic performance and prevent sports injuries. Integrated techniques and corrective exercises increase mobility and flexibility, enhance injury rehabilitation, relieve chronic muscular and soft tissue pain.

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