Pamela Bryars, MMT, CMT, NASM-CES


"... MS (Multiple Sclerosis) causes the body to attack the brain and central nervous system.  It creates plaques or lesions to the sheath (Myelin) of the nerves. This causes messages from the brain to the muscles to become garbled and thus creates all the painful sensations that I feel.  Pamela has introduced (moving) Cupping into our sessions, primarily working on my lower back and legs.  This seems to give me relief from the stiffness of the muscles, no matter how long it lasts, it might be a day or even a few days.  When I go into her office with stiffness and pain she explains very clearly which muscles she will be working on to help relieve the pain and stiffness.  The atmosphere in her office is very calming because I trust her.  I know she can't cure me but she certainly works hard to give me relief from pain.  She's 4 stars in my book!"   L.K., Grass Valley, CA

"After our visit, there was a constant unwinding of my poor body as the musculature and all else began to remember where it had always been.   ...The turning point was my visit with you for which I am overly grateful.  Guidance to get me to you was the best ever!  You are a special angel.  I am blessed to have met you, with your true integrity showing in your space and work."   L.S., Paradise, CA

"Pamela's treatment is unlike any other I have had before.  She listens and questions to assess issues, and is thoughtful in her approach to the treatment needed to achieve release and restore function.  Each session is individual and caters to my needs that particular day.  I highly recommend her work."   J.M., Grass Valley - Pilot & Equestrienne

"Pamela ... or should I call you the Miracle Worker!  I benefited so much from your treatment yesterday that today I was able to walk two miles.  I haven't been able to walk even a quarter of a mile recently, so I am delighted.  Thanks so much."    K.S., Nevada City, CA - Equestrienne & GCTC Trails Builder

"My physician recommended massage as treatment for low back pain.  I checked on the reputation of various individuals in the Grass Valley / Nevada City area, and Pam's reputation stood out.  After one visit, I experienced some relief and even more in subsequent visits.  She found sore spots on my body of which I was completely unaware and through her massage, reduced soreness and stiffness."

"I've never had a massage like hers and am grateful that her healing hands could produce such dramatic results.  I also appreciate that she teaches and explains as she goes along.  Most importantly, she suggests exercises I can do at home now and in the future as a preventative measure.  Being able to exercise, play tennis and walk while being pain-free is wonderful."   C.C., Nevada City CA - Author, Health & Fitness Advocate, Tennis Enthusiast

"As a dancer over the last 30 years I have had lots of massages in many cities all over the world.  A couple of years ago a good friend introduced me to Pamela Bryars and after my first session with her I can say that her massage is the best that I have experienced.  After the session I felt as if I had a "body transplant".  I had increased flexibility, relief from the pain of tight muscles, a straighter spine, true hip alignment, and I could move my neck more freely than I had in several years.  Unlike many other massages where I felt good for only a day or two, these were lasting results.  Not only did others notice how much my dancing had improved, but I noticed how much better I felt overall.  Pamela truly has a "healing" gift, so if you want to improve your physical performance and overall feeling of well being you must visit her.  You will be very happy you did".  T.C., Houston TX - Ballet Dancer

"Pamela Bryars is an expert at figuring our your body alignment problems.  She will find the problem areas and go to work to get things aligned and back on track.  Once identified she will assign specific exercises to help things from reoccuring.  Pamela has the keen ability to assess your posture and let you know how to make very important changes.   If you have a strain, ache or pain, don't hesitate to get an appointment with Pamela.  You will be glad you did!"   B.S., Lake Wildwood CA - Pickleball Coach

"I highly recommend Pamela Bryars for massage therapy.  Physical therapy had failed to help me and I was heading for cortisone shots and posssible surgery.  Pamela has an incredible knowledge of the body of an active person.  With her massage and strengthening exercises, I can now walk with no pain.  I can hike and even backpack with a light pack."  B.G., Grass Valley CA - Whitewater Kyaker, Hiker, Potter

"I first went to Pamela 5 years ago when I needed relief for my left shoulder that would not allow me to straighten my arm properly.  She fixed that and a number of other issues over the years.  She is my go-to gal for orthopedic massage!"  J.D., Nevada City CA - Website Designer

"Injury to my rotator cuff prevented me from my business as a climb guide.  Pamela restored function and strength to my shoulder and I am back in business again."   P., Nevada City CA - Rock Climbing Guide & Outdoors Enthusiast

"It's been almost a year since I had extensive knee and leg surgery.  Pamela quickly helped me gain excellent flexibility, mobility, tracking and strength in my leg and I can once again climb stairs without pain and enjoy cross-county motorcycle rides."   D.H., Grass Valley CA - Motorcycle Enthusiast

"Pam was very intuitive to my needs ... spent a lot of time on my neck and shoulders.  Loved the neck work at the end and she really improved my range of motion.  I feel much more relaxed and less tight."   M.B., Nevada City CA - Business professional

"Excellent knowledge and intuition."   L.S., Smartsville CA - Retiree

"My flexibility increased and my pain decreased.  My elbow is feeling the best it has in years."   B.M., Newcastle - Business Professional, Tennis Enthusiast

"Pamela's deep muscle massage is a healthy habit to have!  Her techniques address work tension build up in my neck and upper back and shoulders.  I also rebound quickly from athletic stresses to my arms, shoulders, hips and legs.  Pamela gets amazing results."   C.R., Grass Valley CA - Public Relations Consultant, Tennis Instructor and Basketball Enthusiast 

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